Glass Orb Solar Lights

by admin on October 30, 2010

Now that my project of back yard lighting is in high gear, I am more than determined to do everything right to make my garden bright. Aside from silly rhymes I realized that I can be totally technologically advanced and environmentally friendly without ever having to resort to ridiculously expensive landscaping services.

Mind you, I am not at all a DIY person, but if I could do it on my own – anyone can do it easily! So here’s the goal – I need to light up my walkway and the area around hot tub.

My biggest fear was the wiring – do I have to mess up my whole garden and back yard with those ugly wires? Well, it turned out – with “Firefly” solar garden light not only do I avoid this problem altogether, but I also bring in beautiful masterpiece of landscaping design with high utilitarian properties. In other words – this gorgeous Chameleon glass orb solar stake light will be using environmentally friendly and free solar energy to light up my hot tub… And I won’t have to worry about electrical wires in the close proximity to water – my back yard is safe and hazard free!

This is absolutely perfect for families with kids – you know these little troublemakers will not hurt or injure themselves playing around these awesome shiny solar lights.

Did I ever mention what I love most about my new solar gadgets? These garden lights save me tons of money – my electricity bill remained the same, but my garden has changed beyond recognition!

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