Solar Christmas Decorations

You know it is Christmas long before it even hits December. Holiday season starts with decorating houses, lawn, back yards and porches.

You also know that tons and tons of lights that make your house shine like a star also make your electricity bill soar throughout the season. This year we suggest that you turn you eye to environmentally friendly Solar Christmas Lights and Decorations.

How Solar Christmas Decorations Work

Solar Christmas Decorations have solar cells, light sensors and batteries. The principle is very simple – the sun gives energy to the solar cell and the solar cell in its turn converts this energy into electricity, thus powering the battery. Of course the amount of sunshine will determine how long the lights will be able to stay on. On a sunny day usually the battery gets fully recharged. A light sensor will tell the solar decorations when it is time to turn on – so that you don’t have to bother switching them on and off! Simply install and enjoy!

Why Buy Solar Decorations

Solar Lights are awesome for decorating your house outside. No wiring and no plugs – no worries about tangled cords and kids tripping over wires. And you will see no change in your electricity bill – solar energy is cheap, eco-friendly and simply awesome!

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